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Terms & Conditions

Details of contracts & what to expect 

Ethical and Moral Responsibilities

I am a member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and I abide by the BACP Ethical Framework for Counsellors and Psychotherapists. Furthermore, I am fully insured and adhere to GDPR 2018.



Confidentiality is the basis of counselling though there are times when confidentiality may have to be breached:

· If there is imminent risk of you inflicting serious harm to yourself or others

· If you disclose information about a child or adult experiencing abuse, or being at imminent risk of abuse

· If there is information given to me about, drug trafficking, money laundering, intended or actual serious crime or terrorism

· If I am required to do breach confidentiality by a judge in court, or a circuit magistrate



Sessions take place

- Via Zoom or phone call



Payments are to be made before sessions either at time of booking or through the invoice.


Records of Sessions

I keep any written notes from our sessions in a safe and locked space. Notes from sessions will not contain identifiable information and are for my professional use only.


Online/Telephone working contract

The standard client/counsellor contract remains in place with the addition of below.


Counsellor Responsibilities

  • To be available at the agreed time and notify you in advance if the session needs to be cancelled

  • To offer a quiet, private, and undisturbed setting for our counselling

  • To maintain safe, professional boundaries

  • To regard all contact and information as confidential unless I have reasonable doubt (as specified in Confidentiality section)

  • To work within the BACP Ethical Framework including regular supervision

  • To review the counselling relationship at session

  • Offer a private and confidential space to deliver telephone or online platform sessions

  • If online sessions are being used, To be on the platform ready to start at agreed time.

  • To call you for the agreed session time

  • If you do not answer or are not online for the agreed session time, I will attempt to contact you again. If there is no response 15 minutes into the session time, it will count as a session not attended

  • If there is a technological breakdown during the session, I will attempt to reconnect with you for 5 minutes. If there is no answer from you, Failure to reconnect after 15min will result in a lost session will be rescheduled.

  • If online sessions are being used, Very Therapy and myself are not liable for software issues or technical problems experienced with your software or connection

  • If phone is being used, I will ensure I am in a private and confidential space where I will not be engaging in other activities


Client Responsibilities

  • To attend session booked

  • Where possible give minimum of 24 hours’ notice by email when cancelling or changing an appointment

  • To be respectful and non-aggressive.

  • To test Wi-Fi and device connections prior to the session time to ensure easy connection

  • If there is a technological breakdown I will attempt to log on again

  • If there is a telephone connection problem I understand you will attempt to call me

  • I will ensure that I am in private/quiet uninterrupted space suitable for video therapy before the session

  • I will remain fully clothed before/throughout and until the meeting ends

  • I will turn off other digital devices and close all tabs on the desktop

  • I will tell the you if I wish to end the therapy session before logging off

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